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Facial Recognition According to the Zohar

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HEBREW and ENGLISH Translation

The enclosed file shows the work-in-progress FINAL PRODUCT:

טבלה-ס line sort by FEATURES (sheet-3 in the tab below)

טבלה-מ line sort by TRAITS (sheet-5 in the tab below)

Other items in the file are the raw data, subject index and same as above for FINGERS אצבעות

To predict past sin from previous life is when the FEATURES are present and the person vouches he never commuted the sinful act. This could be a reason for misfortune the person suffers until he rectifies the sin of previous life. Now we hope to be able to assist people who are STUCK and cannot get livelihood or health or shidduch or children ... Looking at the face will tell us what they came here to fix and what prevents them from realizing their potential.

  • It is worthy to note that Lines on the faces will disappears upon rectifying the sin after nine days Mashiach and great sages do not require 2 witness and warning to condemn a person (they just look at the face)
  • This "Technology" was taught to Moses by God so that he can select leaders and judges
  • If you know what you have to fix, it will spare you much pain of another reincarnation
  • With this you will be able to verify if your Repentance was accepted (the lines will vanish)
  • The chair of King Solomon had the capacity to scan the faces and NO one could lie
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