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10 Days of Repentance Part 1

Think back to the last time you had an argument with your friend, co-worker or spouse. What did you feel?

Did you feel far away from them even though they were in the same room?

This is because in the physical world distance is determined by space. Whereas, in the spiritual world it is determined by similarity. When you get into an argument you are becoming spiritually farther apart due to a lack of similarity.

When a person sin’s it is said that Hashem turns his BACK to the person. When we say that Hashem is BACK-TO-BACK with us, we mean he is spiritually far away due to a lack of similarity and in turn we don’t get the light of the creator. When we preform the MITZVOT we are becoming similar to G-d and binding ourselves to him and it is said that Hashem is FACE-TO-FACE with us.

When the world was created ZA and his SHEKHINAH were BACK-TO-BACK on the account of DINNIM our job is to sweeten the judgments and in turn unite ZA with his SHEKHINAH FACE-TO-FACE so that we can we can receive the light in the form of abundance for the entire year. The process of turning Hashem face-to-face is as follows…

Look out for Part 2

10 days of REPENTENCE corresponding to 10 SEFIROT

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