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72 Names of God

Updated: May 19, 2019

Print, frame and put on the wall and or size down and place in your pocket for protection and blessings. The names come from the 3 verses below in SHEMOT. Moses used these 72 names to split the sea. Each name has a particular significance. The Zohar of parashat Shemot reveals this secret. For example: כהת is for healing, ילי to lift up falling sparks, סאל for Parnassa. The book שורשי השמות by Rabbi Zacutto published 450 years ago explains each name. There are other recent books; be sure they are from a Mekubbal and have ONLY references to Judaism. Check out the author, otherwise it will achieve the opposite effect. Always be careful NOT to nurse from the Klipa. Any questions email me at:

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