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A Father-Daughter Collaboration

A new collaboration with Mark Lavi, the creator of visual Kabbalah with his daughter, Elisheva Lavi, the founder of Havaya Meditation. Together, they are creating content for, meditations, newsletters, and more.

Elisheva is Mark’s youngest daughter out of 4, currently lives in Herzliya, Israel. Elisheva is a meditation, movement, and spiritual life coach. Some say, she takes after her father’s spiritual work, but she has her own journey. Together, they are uniting to help spread the light of Hashem and the Zohar.

With her father, Elisheva creates a monthly newsletter on the energy of the month according to Judaism. In the newsletters, Elisheva shares exclusive content that is easy to read, practical, and fun. Every month, a new person or business is featured to show their remarkable work in this world, it is a space for others to shine their light.

The newsletters are sent out on the week of the new moon (Rosh Chodesh) with a guided meditation, created and recorded by Elisheva. The meditation is based on the energy of the month and can be used at any time. Elisheva started her monthly newsletter to help align people with Judaism, gain personal development tools, understand the energy, how to use it, and connect to the power of Hashem.

Elisheva started Havaya Meditation in 2019, a meditation practice based on Jewish-Kabbalistic meditations. Together with her father and completing Rabbi Ariel Tzadok’s Jewish meditation course, Elisheva facilitates private and group meditations on Zoom or in-person in Herzliya.

Havaya in Hebrew is one of the names of Hashem and the translation to English is, being, existence, and experience. By its very nature, the pillars of Havaya Meditation are breath, be and experience.

Elisheva continuously works on expanding her business and meeting new clients. She enjoys working with people on their problems and using meditation as a tool to expand their consciousness. With meditation, Elisheva uses Qigong to help clients who experienced physical trauma or lost a connection to their body due to age to heal their mind and body relationship.

Qigong is a form of Chinese medicine through movement. “Qi” means energy and “gong” means movement, combined the translation is energy in movement. Qigong is a type of moving meditation where one performs exercises that coordinates the mind and body together using the breath, movement, and body posture. Qigong is used for centuries as a natural way to heal the body from ailments. Most of the exercises are performed standing with the ability to be seated in a chair if one has a difficult time standing. Elisheva uses Qigong with her clients to get them out of their heads and into their bodies. Qigong is used to control energy, open energy pathways in the body, focus, and channel internal energy.

Using meditation and Qigong, Elisheva’s clients feel like they have more energy throughout the day, more confident, grounded, and alive. Elisheva’s mission is to help people make peace with the past and live in the present. Trauma, stress, and tension steal your ability to focus on the opportunities in the now. With the right mindset, motivation, and tools, you can unlock more potential and impact the world around you.

Elisheva studies Kabbalah with her father and uses Kabbalistic principles in her spiritual life coaching. She works with clients from NY and Israel and continues to expand her services.

Elisheva holds a degree in Government and Sustainability, is certified in Qigong, trauma healing, Jewish meditation, and completed various courses in coaching. Together with her father, Elisheva and Mark are creating content that speaks to your soul, brings you to balance, and faith.

If you are interested in hearing more about Elisheva’s work, check out her website

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. If you resonate with what I do and want to explore the depths of who you are, please contact me by email for a free 15-minute consultation!



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