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Bad Character Traits – Are Bad

Jealousy, Anger, Uncontrolled desires speech and thoughts

When Bad Things or Negative Things Come Out of Your Mouth - You Are The First Victim

This Affects One's Health, Mazal, Wealth, Happiness and Damages The Spiritual Part in us

It also affects Negatively The Kids, The Spouse, the Friends, Coworkers and the Cosmos is Next

1. Massoru - Japanese researcher - water drops that heard positive words create beautiful crystals and those who heard negative words created ugly and awful shapes (after the drops were frozen)

2. With our mouth we can change reality: seeds that hear a blessing grew nicer - our blessing cause growth and happiness – bless your children and wife on Shabbat

2a. A curse can be devastating even from a simple person.  Shouting in the house and in front of kids, is the worst thing you can do – never make your wife cry

3. The mouth sends wages (rays) of energy. A house after Chanukat Habayit (house inauguration) makes a blessed house that yields positive and happiness - the house heard blessings that make the wall full of positive angry that affects positively the occupants.

4. Learning Torah - brings light to oneself and the environment. Ramchal says: If one learns Mathematics does he change? No - only if one learns torah do we change and bring light to the world and ourselves. We are positively influenced when hearing prayer and Torah reading

5. Foul mouth (Nivul peh) - causes people to die prematurely, poverty and accidents - the negative energy can kill - causes cars to go off the road and drivers to loose control if they pass a place where bad words have been spoken

6. How did Bene Yisrael saw the sounds on Sinai - when Hebrew letter are pronounced; seismograph records the shape of the letters

7. Only one who appreciates himself can do well and exceed - he sees the potential in him and unlocks that potential

8. Evil Eye or Ayin Harah - comes from a ray coming out of the eye - from being jealous; it causes negativity and harms people and object seen

9. The true person is the spiritual person – the dead has NO continuity in the physical world 

10. Righteous or Evi (Tzadik and Rasha) – exist only in the eyes of G-d, HaShem - we suffer because of previous life sins (ex: Job was reincarnation of Abraham’s father Terach)

11. Halos - have colors and are filmable - blue shows spirituality; yellowish shows no spirituality. Purple indicate spirituality. Wearing a Talit and Teflin get different Hallo; tefiling pesulot generate no change in the yellowish color. The tifilin sends signals - the head tefilling has 4 parasha against 4 parts of the brain (while the hand - against one heart) gets the light

12.The eye of G-d Galaxy was discovered. G-d facilitates new Technologies to allow unbelievers to be aware of Him and to strengthen the weak in faith.

12a. Repentance or Teshuva - erases the bad scene in the video of life

13. Jealousy (Rekev Atzamot – Kinah) causes the body to deteriorates in the grave. We got of jealousy from the primordial snake who became jealous when he saw Adam and Eve have relations and caused her to eat from the forbidden tree and defiled her (out of which came Kayiin). If you do not envy - you do not rot in the grave

14. We must love our spouses like we love our body - if you love your wife like your body; you will feel her pain.

15. Ahava, Adam, Emet - all start with the Hebrew letter "Aleph" or "A".  Aleph=26 or the name of G-d.  Without the A, there is nothing A-DAM becomes DAM or just blood; A-hava just becomes HAVE or wanting - not giving and E-MET just becomes MET or dead; no truth.

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