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Do You Know How Heavenly Justice Works?

People tell me

"I hurt this guy but I did TESHUVA an he forgave me - why is God still mad at me?" Why am I still suffering?"

God is not mad at you; the department of Justice has not received all that's due from you.

The Zohar below gives an example (which you can apply to other offenses) - If a person was punished by the Heavenly court to be sick for 101 days in order to pay back for a certain sin; that person will have to remain in bed 101 days and not a minute less! If the Heavenly court decreed 7 years of poverty - that's exactly what will happen - 7 years and not a second less.

Unless you learn Torah and then you can null the decree. The righteous can can null harsh decrees; and others too that wake up in the middle of the night and learn Torah. As well as those who know how to pray with Kavanah (with unifications) as well as one who learns the secrets of the Torah. 

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