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Do You Know Your Prosecutor?

The Zohar below reveals an astonishing truth - we all have personal prosecutors ready to judge us and cause us much pain. This Zohar says that a friend, a family member, a spouse, a co-worker, a stranger, a best buddy... can turn on us in a heart beat and give us a great deal of pain.

All of a sudden we are under attack verbally and it can turn physically. The heavenly prosecutor employs all those around us to carry out his sentences. Before you get mad at the sudden painful attitude from your spouse, RESTRICT and consider if there is someone else behind her pulling the strings?

This may explain: One moment she is loving and next minute she is a monster! And an hour later she is loving again! And this can go on for years and result in a bad marriage. Now you know why? find out what transgression have you committed very recently?

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