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Evil Speech – the Most Destructive Power on Earth

Evil Speech – the Most Destructive Power on Earth

(And we all have it)

Water - First global destruction by a deluge of waters - to reflect mankind's sin of water - Promiscuity during Noah

Dirt - Second destruction of the tower of Babylonia - the sin was - Idol worship after Noah

Fire - Third destruction by fire from heaven on Sedomites and Gomorites whose sin was - Murder during Abraham

Air - Final destruction by explosion or rush of air, nuclear bombs and explosive devices, at Armageddon to atone for bad mouthing and evil speech or Lashon Harah - the bad air coming out of our mouths that modern society is plagued with aided by the media and the ease of communication, cell, e-mail, magazines and other.

To preserve yourself from all of this and Armageddon, heed the warnings in scripture:

Psalms 34:13-14   (the Elixir of life)  Who is the man that desires life, who loves days of seeing good? Guard your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit. Also there:12:4   G-d excises lips of smooth talk, the tongue which speaks boastfully.  

Job 20:16 He will suck the poison of asps; a cobra's tongue will kill him

Eccl 10: 11 ... No advantage to evil tongue

Prov 10:31 ... the tongue of he who speaks with both side of his mouth will be excised

Prov 17:20 ... the one who is duplicitous with his tongue will befallen evil 

Prov 18:21     Life and death by the words of the tongue

Prov 21:23    One who guards his mouth and his tongue, spares his soul from troubles

The First temple was destroyed because of idol worshiping (this day)

The Second temple because hate for no reason and evil tongue (this day)

The Third temple will be build only by love for no reason (as soon as we guard our tongue)

Mashiach (redeemer) is suppose to be born today - may we be blessed to attend his inauguration soon.

Mark Lavi

Three Points on Lashing Out With One's Tongue

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1. Who Has The Power To Rebuke: In the Jewish religion it is taught that a person has to be a complete TZADIK or Righteous to admonish, criticize or reprove EVEN a total wicked (very bad) person - because NO one is perfect. And as a person points out the deficiencies of another, the angels point out the deficiencies of the condemner who is brought up to a supernal (heavenly) court for judgment and is given the full term of the sentence. Not so when the person overlooks the deficiencies of others and DOES NOT bad mouth others.  This person, when he sins, G-d judges him, himself and with MERCY and G-d can forgive (unlike the heavenly courts). Bad mouthing ANYONE invites serious consequences - as you all can intuitively and correctly conclude.

2. The Heavenly Tribunal: When a person bad mouths somebody, even if he is correct - the 3 parties engaged in the malicious talk are summoned to the court above: Who are they?

    a. The person speaking

    b. The person listening and

    c. The person that is the subject of the conversation or bad mouthing

Neither sinners nor transgressors get to stand trial in the heavenly court until they open their mouth and bad mouth someone: in the moment they created a bad, prosecuting, angle; but he does not have mouth! This bad angel gets a mouth and gets to testify and condemn only when the sinner/transgressor bad mouths someone - in that instant, the angel "gets" a mouth to prosecute the offender. Until then the angel is powerless. Bad mouthing others opens a person up to divine prosecution.

3. Disconnecting with Wisdom: Perhaps this is the biggest tragedy of bad mouthing - it disconnects the person from the supernal wisdom (Chachmah) - "it makes him stupid" and those who listen to him and around him become and act stupid (Ari). This is why it is forbidden to listen to evil tongue. One has to guard his ears and eyes and mouth with vigilance. The source for this notion is in Numbers chapters 8 to12 where the Israelite in the dessert some strange things for disconnecting with wisdom. The trumpets in this Biblical section are to rectify the ears that disconnected from Supernal Wisdom.

"life and Death are Dictated by The Power of The tongue" Prov 18:21

Best Regards,

Mark Lavi

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