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Pesach - Everything You Need To Know

What is Passover? Why did the Israelites go into slavery? What is the benefit of this holiday? Pesach brings order (סדר) into our lives with dis-order (אי-סדר). According to Kabbalah, there is an incredible light that descends onto earth for us to absorb and this is through the acts of the seder.

To prepare for the Seder and Pesach properly, check out this excel on everything you need to know regarding this holiday. In it, you will be taken on a journey of understanding the deeper meanings of this holiday, how to elevate it, and its importance. Click here to learn Kabbalistic secrets on Pesach If you also want to further your learning, click here to listen to Yamine's podcast episode on Pesach, click here to listen on Spotify. And if you want to learn more about the energy of Nissan, the astrological sign, the Hebrew letters that correspond to this month and more, click here. Wishing you a beautiful holiday!

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