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Purim Kavanot

During Purim a special light descends again to defeat the Klipot.

Haman tell Achashverosh ישנו עם אחד

This is an opportunity to cancel out the impending redemption that will destroy the Klipot.

The purpose of Kavanot Purim to restore the light of Purim, The light disappears if there is no vessel to contain it.

The Main 5 commandments are two:

1. The reading of the megilah

2. The Seudah

3. Matnot LaEvyonim

4. Mishloach Manot

5. Zecher LeMachatzit HaShekel


1. To increase ZuN (Zeir Anpin + Nukva)

2. Reveal what’s behind each action; what’s behind the scene?

3. The Pshat does not give a clue of happens above with our Mitzvot

The Reading:

Open the megilah and fold on the table, the stick on which the Megilah is folded is Yessod ABA. When we open the Megilah, we reveal the light of ABA.

The Seudah:

Immediately after Shacharit, sit down for the Seudah of Purim.

The reading of the Megilah – draws and establishes the Mochin

The Seudah – establishes the vessels to contain the Mochin

It is a mistake to east late in the afternoon; it does absolutely nothing to create the vessels to contain the energy-intelligence of the day.

The Drinking:

The purpose of drinking is NOT to be drunk, but drink enough to push out our low level Mochin of the mundane; to make room for the better Mochin of Purim. Nothing changes in a person until he dispenses of the old diminutive Mochin.


1. Fast on Wednesday

2. At night MUST hear the Megilah and again during the day

3. Have the PURIM MEAL (complete) early AM right after the morning prayer; it has

4. Give 2 dishes (bags) of food to 2 people (1 bag to each)


מגלה = יהוה + יהוה + יהוה =78

The Havayot are the Mochin, Enegy Intelligence that we draw corresponding to חבד

That permits the revelation of the light force of Mordechai and Esther – the light of redemption.

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