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The Month to Heal - Rosh Chodesh Iyar

According to Kabbalah and Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation), each Hebrew month has its own unique energy for specific physical and spiritual growth. Each month corresponds with Hebrew letters, a tribe of Israel, a sense, a body part, a zodiac sign, and a planet. By learning about the energy of the month, we can appropriately apply our time and explore the depths of personal potential. This blog dives into the energy of Iyar and gives you tools to merge personal development and spirituality for ultimate growth and lasting change.

To understand the energy of the month we look at the name itself, the planet and astrological sign that corresponds to it, and the Hebrew letters. According to Kabbalistic Astrology, Iyar corresponds to the months April - May, the sign of Taurus (the ox), and the planet of Venus (the planet of love).

Last month, Nisan, was the time when seeds were planted. In Iyar the ox plows the earth, nurturing the new seeds, and helping them grow into the harvest of the coming month of Sivan.

For the full month of Iyar, we count the Omer which are the following 49 days until Shavuot. Each day we develop and mature, one characteristic at a time by turning the surrounding light (Ohr Makif) we gathered during the Seder of Pesach into internal light (Ohr Pnimi). During the Omer, we slow down, practice introspection, pause and work on our character. At the end of the 59 days, we get to Shavuot, which is our wedding, the marriage ceremony between God and the Jewish people.

During Passover, we experience the birth of a new part of our soul and the birth of our nation. In Iyar, this new part of the soul is its infancy. Just like a newborn and young child, this part of our soul requires attention and constant care. We now entered a new cycle of the Hebrew calendar in Nissan and in Iyar, we are nurturing and caring for this new part of the soul by counting the Omer.

Iyar closely relates to the Hebrew word Or meaning light and the biblical name of this month is Ziv which means radiance. Just by looking at the name of the month, we know there is a lot of energy in Iyar coming in daily doses (counting the Omer). Additionally, Venus corresponds with Iyar, and in Hebrew Venus is Noga, meaning light, another name representing light.

Challenges will be orchestrated to encourage us to leave our comfort zone. These challenges result in the opportunity and transformation of making new choices that can leap us in our growth and next state of being. However, with the sign of Taurus, it can be difficult especially because the Taurus energy influences us by the desire to stay comfortable. The spring is the season is saturated with the most powerful spiritual forces. According to the Book of Formation (written 4,000 years ago), by Abraham, the Patriarch, the ruling force of spring, is the element of fire.

According to Kabbalah and astrology, the fire element represents power, creativity, energy, ego, and the desire to receive. The fire element has a strong desire to receive because the fire stops existing when it stops consuming. This explains why people born during the spring can be selfish if they don’t practice personal development and spirituality. A major portion of their creativity and boundless energy will mainly be focused on themselves, their desires, and their interests (for the most part).

Energy of the month In the Talmud, Iyar is known as Chodesh Ziv, the month of radiance. We also know that every day of this month we count the Omer (49 days from Pesach to Shavout). This period is considered a negative time, so how is it that this month is the month of light but yet considered a negative time? As a result of the enormous amount of energy this month, we are blinded by the light and we are unable to see the truth behind the energy. With all the light, we tend to feel on top of the world and as if everything is figured out but that is not the case, our Tikkun, our mission, and our purpose are still not accomplished, yet.

This is the danger of Iyar, to feel everything is complete when there is no more work left to be done.

Iyar is an acronym for “I am G‑d, your Healer” (אני י‑י רפאך), making this month a favorable time for healing. In connection to counting the Omer, each day has its own healing properties. To understand the energy of Iyar is to know what it means to heal.

To be ill indicates they you are out of balance and to heal, you need to bring yourself back into balance. How does one do that? Balance starts by considering all aspects of your life, what brings you joy, and noticing what brings you down. You begin to know who you are and do the spiritual and personal work. To maintain a balanced life is to check in with yourself, take care of your needs, and not take on more than you can handle.

In Iyar, the energy is greatly focused on physical possessions but the work is to see beyond that and redirect this energy into healing the connection you have with yourself and God. It is not an easy task but a rewarding one. But, as a result of the enormous amount of energy, the energy is easier to guide towards what you need.

Astrological sign According to Sefer Yetzira, every person is influenced by the energy of the month, some more than others. If you are born under the zodiac sign of Taurus or the sign is more dominant for you, you may be feeling the energy of Taurus more intensely. It is important to remember, that not all people born under the same sign behave exactly the same way because each person has their own unique and individual birth chart due to different birth times and other additional factors having an effect on a person’s nature and behavior. However, because of free will, each person has the ability to choose differently, learn about their birth map, and rise above their nature. Taurus, or שׁוֹר (shor) in Hebrew, is the astrological sign this month. Taurus is known as the “the bull” of the zodiac. The nature of Taurus is stubbornness, they like their comfort and refrain from stepping outside their comfort zones but if they do, it’s because they know it will bring them more comfortable in the long term. This is the nature of most people born in Iyar. As mentioned above, Iyar is saturated with tons of light and this affects people in different ways. As a result of so much light, people born under the sign of Taurus have the immense power to achieve whatever they want. The fact that Taurus is an earth sign enhances this power. Taureans are very realistic, efficient, and goal-oriented. However, the combination of Earth (The element of Taurus) with Fire (The element of the Spring) can create a very unpleasant energetic combination for people born under this sign. Without balance, Taureans can become selfish, egotistic, materialistic, and focused only on themselves and their desires.

Kabbalah teaches the light for the whole year is generated during the spring. This time is connected to Taureans because they have a unique ability to draw down light. It is common for Taureans to live under the illusion that everything is great. By being more spiritual-focused rather than materialistic-driven, the illusion allows for Taurans to achieve high levels of spiritual perception, wisdom, and energy. It gives them the feeling that everything is already great and it’s just going to get better. This is why Taureans are optimistic, in a good mood, and have a great outlook on life. They do not look for trouble and prefer to seek out environments that are comfortable, safe, and pleasant. They don’t like to rock the waves and get involved with problems.

Taureans create their world to reflect their desire for stability and consistency, and because of this, they are usually known as loyal, stable, patient, tolerant, and friendly. They don’t like to be critical and they usually look good.

From the flow of light Taureans receive during the spring, they can be full of light

and radiate love and enlightenment. This enhances their ability to be patient and accepting of other people. This also explains why Taureans have very easy-going natures and tend to stay away from conflicts.

However, they can become very complacent in times of conflict and this can be dangerous because it can hurt their chances at life opportunities and numbness to potential possible dangers.

Love is very important to all of us, especially in the month of Taurus. The numerology of this sign Taurus – Shor (Hebrew שור) has the numerical value of 506 which is also the numerical value of unconditional love – Ahavat Hinam (Hebrew אהבת חנם).

The "shor" (the left face of the Divine Chariot) represents the spiritual origin of the "animal soul" of man. The month of Iyar is the month that man rectifies his animal soul, and refines his innate character traits (each day of "sefirat haomer"), as he prepares to receive the Torah in Sivan. In Hebrew, the root "shor" also means to look or observe. Iyar is the month of introspection for the reason of self-improvement. Ruling Planet The ruling planet for Iyar is Venus, Noga in Hebrew. The numerical value of the name “Noga” is 58 which is also the same numerical value for the word comfortable – “Noah”.

Here reveals another reason why Taureans like to stay where it’s comfortable. When they participate in hard work, it is because they are motivated by the perfection and comfort that they think they will receive from their efforts.

Hebrew letters of the month Vav (ו) - is the Hebrew letter that created Iyar and the astrological sign, Taurus. The letter Vav has very important roles in the Hebrew alphabet. Firstly, Vav acts as a connecting letter like the word “and” in English. Secondly, the Vav transforms the tenses and verbs in Hebrew from the future to past and past to future tense. Thirdly, the Vav connects Hebrew letters together such as the “Alph” which is two Yuds and a Vav. The Vav is the connecting letter for al the letters.

Just as Iyar connects the previous month of Nissan and the next month Sivan with the counting of the Omer. These three months are connected through the Vav that created Iyar.

The shape of the Vav resembles a pipe and similar to a pipe that transfers materials through it, Vav is a conduit of light that through its vessel, the light can move down to us. Peh (פ) - is the letter that created Venus. Venus is a planet known for its thick and bizarre clouds. Rabbi Shabtai Donnelo in his commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah explains what modern science is learning about Venus, the clouds that cover it make it very difficult to see the surface of the planet.

Due to the clouds, we cannot know what is happening in the lower levels of the planet, and this is also the nature of the people born in Iyar for they seem to be unaffected by what happens around them.

Within the “Pey” also lays the letter “Bet” (ב) representing Blessing (ברכות) within the letter Pey. “Pey” also means mouth and this is also true of the period of Iyar. The healing comes as a Blessing providing one does actions that reveal the Blessing of healing. Together, “Pey” and “Vav” spell the word “Po” which means "Here" as in a physical location. And that is the energy of the month. Being in a location, being in your own physical space. The gematria of these two letters is 86 which is the gematria of the Name of God representing the attribute of Judgment.

Judgment is the Light’s request for revelation. In other words, Iyar, the Month of Light, is an opportunity to discover through the use of our judgment, something that was previously unknown to us. A good thing to do this month is to use your own judgment in learning what has not yet been revealed to you. In that situation judgment is not something to fear but something to pursue. Tribe: The tribe that corresponds to Iyar is the tribe of Issachar. Isaachar is the scholarly tribe of Israel. The Sanhedren was mostly composed of the tribe of Isaachar. In particular, Isaachar was the master of the "secret" of the Jewish calendar.

Sense of the month: The sense associated with the month of Iyar is thinking and ruminating. Thought here implies contemplation and introspection. It also signifies the power of calculation (as in the calculation of the calender). This is the month of counting ("sefirat haomer"). The root "to think" in Hebrew "chashav" means "numerical calculation," "cheshbon."

This navigates us to focus on where we want our thoughts to flow. It is known how powerful our thoughts can be. Through our thought patterns, we define our life. There are an array of thoughts that can be superficial and some are very deep. We can learn a lot about ourselves by paying attention to our thoughts. In general that requires setting aside time to meditate, even if it’s 3 minutes. Body Part Right kidney Our sages say "the kidneys give advice." To be more exact, the right kidney relates to spiritual advice or introspection. In the Kabbalistic system of correspondences, the kidneys are the subconscious/instinctive root of emotion, as opposed to the heart area (Chessed, Gevurah, Tiferet—kindness, strength, and harmony) that expresses the conscious emotions. The test of whether a characteristic is truly integrated into a person is when the spontaneous impulses arising from the kidneys are always and only aligned with it.

Tools for the month: As a way to calm your thoughts and watch their flow, put aside 3-20 minutes daily. Mediate and watch the flow of your thoughts and let them pass with awareness. With this, you will learn about what’s on your mind and clear your headspace. Be aware of the overwhelming desire for more materialist goods to ‘feel safe and secure’. Channel this energy of desire to have more in the fuel to create this month to achieve what you put your mind to.

Go outside of your spiritual comfort zone. According to Kabbalah, when you go outside your comfort zone, you draw more miracles into your life - this includes rising above your nature. Notice when old wounds and patterns surface for you, maybe around your partner and family - use them as moments to choose differently and respond with your highest self (the best of your ability).

Bathe in the light of this month by connecting to the universal healing energy of love. Connect to the positive side this month and let go of judgment. See the good in other people. See the good in yourself. If you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new, consider supporting Elisheva's work at Visual Kabbalah here. If you would like to listen to the energy of the month by Elisheva, click here to listen on Spotify


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