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The Resurrection of the Dead

One day we all die - and that is a good thing because ONLY the grave will separate us from the defilement and EVIL of the SNAKE. This will allow us to ascend to higher spiritual levels. Below the Zohar brings the process that will start at or before the end of 6000 years (221 years to go at the most 6000-5779=221). Please be patient, eat well, exercise and don't die too soon.

1. A dew will descent from heaven and it will start the resurrection process

2. The body will reconstitute from a bone in the back of our neck called LUZ (try not to loose it)

3. If you are NOT buried in Israel, your journey back will be via tunnels; the bones will roll in - ouch very painful - make Aliyah

3. If you are a female be nice to your previous husband (Jewish only) because you are going to come back to him

4. Only the last body of the last reincarnation will resurrect

5. At the end of 9,000 year the body and soul will become ONE spiritual entity

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