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The ShOVaVYM Rectification

During the 6 weeks of these 6 Parashiot:

Shemot, VaEra, Bo, Beshalach, Yitro, Mishpatim

You Must Accept Taanit during Mincha a Day Before (Mechaber)

שובבים = שס

We start Sunday after we read ויחי

The word ShOVaVYM comes from the book of Jeremiah the prophet (Chap.3 verses: 14 and 22).ShOVaVYM alludes to 5 sins that cast a blemish on the covenant. The acronyms of 6 Parashiot of the week, beginning with Parashat Shemot, and spell out ShOVaVYM שובבים

It all started with ADAM who was away from his wife Hava-1, for 130 years. He did so in order to repent for the sin eating from the forbidden tree.

During these 130 years, the first Hava who becamethe wife of Satan or the snake, is named Lilith(also called Aunt Lilly, while Satan is referred to as Uncle Sam, because his name is SaMa-EL; do not pronounce either name). 

Aunt Lilly extracted form Adam, night emissions (Zera Levatalla) that created demons and spirits that bring misfortunes and harm humanity. These divine sparks had fallen into the Evil forces and we required to extract them back from them. But In order to be rectified, the sparks came back in four generations as alluded to in Tehillim by King David who is the reincarnation of Adam. The verse states: I wet (אמסה) my bed with tears:

1. The generation of the Flood (מבול)

2. The generation of Enosh (אנוש)

3. The generation of the Tower of Babel (הפלגה)

4. The generation of Sodom and Gomora (סדום)

Finally, they were all gathered in Egypt, by the help of Yossef, the son of Yaackov, and had to endure 400 years of slavery to purify them and complete the rectification. This is the secret essence Passover.

But the job has not been finished; more sinful actswere committed. This is why we do Tikkun ShOVaVYM; during 6 weeks, we fast every day (some fast twice a week, some once a week) to rectify the following 5 sins which are listed progressively from bad to worse:

1. Sperm emissions, wasted (Zera Lavatalla)

2. A man sleeping with another man (homosexuality)

3. Sleeping with a married women

4. Sleeping with a NIDA (a women that did not to mikveh)

or during her menstrual period

5. Sleeping with a Non Jewish woman (Shiktza)

Abortions (are in additions to the main 5, and get rectified)

Ranking of sinful acts according to the root of the sin:

1. Bad Thoughts (eventually translate to action) 

2. The guarding of the 5 senses

3. Pornography 

4. Illicit internet images 

5. Assimilation

6. Image substitution during intercourse (Temura)

7. Seminal Emissions (ShaZaL)

8. Goyah (Shiktza)

9. Nidah

10. Adultery 

11. Bestiality

12. Abortions – in this case, she has to do the same as men

13. Homosexuality

This rectification is not only for us, and also for all the People of ISRAEL. It is also meant to rectify our bad thoughts of these sins, even without committing them. The fasts cleanse our bad thoughts too.


This section discusses the three types of people who drive the Shechinah from this world and make it impossible for God to fix His abode here, thereby causing prayers to go unanswered. These people are, those who cohabit with women during menstruation, those who lie with heathens (sleep with a shiktza), and those who intentionally abort the embryo(abortions), thereby preventing it from coming to fruition. The world is judged for these sins, we're told, and meets with war, famine, and pestilence as a result. We learn that in exile, the children of Israel remained free of such sins and fulfilled the commandment to increase and multiply. Consequently, they were worthy of liberation. Indeed, Rabbi Chiya discusses the verse, "And he made the laver of brass", whose ritual ablutions and eagerness to obtain husbands made them worthy of great honor.

Other Remedies Help But Not Returning US to Pristine State

1. Recite the Shema before bedtime, every night: Kriat Shema Al Hamita

2. Purchase the first Torah taken out for Kol Nidre

3. Purchase Shishi Aliya on Shabbat

4. Recite Brich Shemeh Demare Alma, with Kavana to rectifies emissions

(Keri). The prayer has 130 words, against 130 years Adam had emissions

5. Pay 180 shekels a week + 1 day of fasting (for 6 weeks)

6. Learning Torah

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