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The Tree of life - Torah - without it the person is lost in the desert

This Zohar tells us what happens when a person detaches himself from the EMUNAH-FAITH of our Torah - he gets lost!

Hagar was expelled from the house of Abraham and Sarah because her child ISHMAEL was drawn to idol worship. Abraham put a pitcher of water on her shoulder which the Zohar says was to warn her NOT to loose EMUNAH-FAITH - but she did!

She got lost in the desert - meaning her offspring ISHMAEL will live in Chaos as evident in the HISTORY OF ISLAM - they have never stopped killing one another because their grand mother Hagar detached herself from the Torah which is the Tree of Life. This is why we are commanded to learn Torah everyday - to remain connected to the FORCE OF CREATION - TO יהוה

The Torah is NOT stories - behind the stories are huge secrets that ONLY the Zohar reveals. This is why the Zohar REDEMPTION to MANKIND or an INDIVIDUAL will come only from LEARNING ZOHAR which give the person GODLY INTELLIGENCE - MOCHIN 

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