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Use this meditation to Protect yourself during these dangerous Months

Hashem's name יהוה can be permuted 16 different ways. If we remove the duplicate configurations we are left with 12 combinations. Each combination is associated with specific month. We are just beginning the month of טבת (Tevet) which has the configuration of היהו

To begin our discussion it is important to understand that, י and ו are the outgoing positive forces in the universe. Whereas, ה and ה are the restrictive forces.

The permutation for Tevet היהו as discussed, is a ה (restrictive force) over י (outgoing force) in the first 15 days; restrictive dominating outgoing.

After that ה (restrictive force) is over ו (outgoing force) for the rest of the month; restrictive dominating outgoing.

Therefore, it is important not to get angry which will provoke the restrictive energy of the universe upon us greater in the next 3 months.


To sweeten the דינים (judgments), when you recite ברוך אתה אדני meditate on the permutation for the month of Tevet היהו especially in Teffilah during the Amidah when we recite ברוך אתה שומע יהוה (היהו) תפילה

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