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We commanded to GLUE ourselves to God! How?

This Zohar reveals the secret of how to attach ourselves to God?

1. Know His names (learn Kabbalah to know His names).

2. Learn His Secrets.

3. Serious Prayers with KAVANOT as brought down by the Ari and the RASHASH

4. Strong will

This is where Modern Orthodoxy has failed miserably - Your Hear That?

As they see Tefillah synonymous with High Speed Chase. At a minimum answer every AMEN, Say the SHEMA word-by-word, do the Kavanot of the AMIDA - you don't know how? Ask me! Come 20 minutes early to shul and be ahead of the Chazzan that is doubtful if he understand a word he is saying, or even pronounce the words properly?   

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