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Welcome to Visual Kabbalah

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A Podcast Series
Zohar With Yamine

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Secrets on Chanukah and Shovavim

לימודי חנוכה ושובבים לפי הקבלה

What Shovavim Rectifies 

תיקונים של שובבים

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If you cannot fast for Shovavim, it is acceptable to pay someone to fast in your name. Every year Mark Yamine Lavi fasts for others and if you would like him to do

it for you too, it is $1 for 84 days total: $84

Please send your name and donation via Zelle or Quick Pay to
Mark Lavi - 
or via PayPal to his daughter. Elisheva.

The Benefit of Learning with Visual Kabbalah


Visual Kabbalah unites the power of technology with the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Improve your studies with digital access to the Zohar arranged in alphabetical order. 

This is the future of learning Kabbalah. 

What you gain from Visual Kabbalah:

  • Topics of the Zohar arranged alphabetically 

  • Top secrets from the Zohar

  • Animation

  • English translation of subjects from the Zohar

  • Shiurim / classes

  • And much more

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Are you ready to dive deeper into learning Kabbalah? This section has all you need. Available is the Zohar by subject, top secrets, classes, and more

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Explore cosmic words, sacred teachings, and subjects of the Zohar alphabetically (Hebrew)


Are you praying correctly? Discover how to pray according to the Zohar and various teachings on prayer (Hebrew)

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Reveal the unseen messages and teachings of the Zohar with this section in Hebrew

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Listen to Yamine'stop secrets from the Zohar in English

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Explore Zohar subjects in English


Learn how to read people's character with this powerful tool - facial recognition by the Zohar from Zohar Parshat Yitro (Hebrew)


Read blog posts about subjects from the Zohar, Rosh Chodesh, and so much more in English

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Get to know us and our mission at Visual Kabbalah

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