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The Light of Chanukah - Learn Kabbalistic Secrets and Elevate Your Holiday

Alas, we experience a shift in the darkness as the Chanukah candles beam a new light into our homes, neighborhood, and onto our nation. The essence of Chanukah is the power of light over darkness, however, there is deeper wisdom we can learn to truly absorb the holiday.

Chanukah is a significant time. Beyond lighting the Chanukiah, saying the prayers, and giving presents to friends and family, there is a special light that ascends from the heavens. The Light that Adam saw in the Garden of Eden for 36 hours by which he saw the future to the end of times. That light gives us divine wisdom and spiritual growth. That light comes back every year in Chanukah for us to have and use.

In this blog post, you will learn about the light of Chanukah and the kavanot (intentions) of this holiday. With this wisdom, I hope your holiday experience increases.

As I sit here and write, I gaze at the lit candles on the chanukiah. Each year, we learn something incredibly new about the holiday. It is truly infinite wisdom we are blessed to know. This year we will learn about the kavanot (intentions) of Chanukah.

In this blog post, you will learn about the 8 kavanot to increase your spiritual experience of Chanukah.

It is important to note the following

  • Chanukah is the Sfira of Hod (splendor)

  • Chanukah is about Acknowledging God as the source of our successes and victories in our life. We can praise Him endlessly but do you acknowledge His light in your life?

  1. Entrance - פתח

  2. The wick - פתילה

  3. Oil - שמן

  4. To light the candle of Chanukah - להדליק נר חנוכה

  5. Candle - נר

  6. Chanukah - חנוכה

  7. Flames - שלהבת

  8. Shechiyanu - שחיינו

1. Entrance - פתח

  • Mezzuzah, the person, and the menorah

  • You should be in the middle of the mezuzah and chanukiah/menorah

2. The wick - פתילה

  • The wick looks like a VAV (ו) which equals to the number 6. Underneath the lamed, there is a kamatz, a Hebrew vowel

  • The Hebrew word פתילה (wick) adds up to the same Gematria of תלצה = 525

3. Oil - שמן

  • The Hebrew word שמן has the same Gematria of ביט

  • This is an angel that helps heal mental illnesses and negative thoughts

4. To light the candle of Chanukah - להדליק נר חנוכה

  • By taking the first letter of the Hebrew words in the above sentence, we reveal the name נחל, an angel that gives you blessings and abundance

5. Candle - נר

  • This is a major unification of Hashem’s name to receive blessings. See chart below.

6. Chanukah - חנוכה

  • When we break down the word חנוכה, we reveal an incredible amount of wisdom. See chart below.

  • Additionally, חנוכה adds up to the same Gematria of the angel פט

  • This angel protects you from danger by making you invisible

  • Hanukkah falls on the weekly Torah portion of Meketz. Meketz has 2,025 words. Breaking down this number we get; 25th day of Chanukah (כה), next is 8 days + 25 multiplied by 250 = 3,033. A pesuk in the parsha, see the chat below.

7. Flames - שלהבת

  • This represents the different colors of the flame. See chart below

  • Blue

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Red

8. Shechiyanu - שחיינו

  • Referring back to פט, at the end of the word shechiyanu, the NU נו,

  • Inside the word “Chanukah” we learn about the holiday. See chart below.

Chanukah reflects an incredible light we all have the power to absorb, this is known as Or HaGanuz. This is the light God used to create the world in Genesis. When Hashem saw this light was good, He hid the light so it would not be used by the wicked and saved for righteousness.

Or HaGanuz is special because it reveals the spiritual essence in all things and people as well as reveals God in this world.

God uses this light to mask His presence in the natural world, allowing free will to choose between good and bad. Therefore when we look at the mundane and physical properties that create this world, it is challenging to see the light of God at work. Light is an element that allows us to see. Ordinary light enables us to see the makeup of the physical world. Meanwhile Or HaGanuz enables us to see both the spiritual essence and physical properties.

During Chanukah Or HaGanuz emanates from the heavens for us to absorb. This light brings you good mazal, prosperity, and everything good. This week, we can use the light to see Hashem’s guidance, support, and protection in all that we do, especially during personal challenges.

It is said in Chassidic teachings that we have 8 days to fix what needs repair. Chanukah shines the light in the darkness that we may be afraid to experience. At this time, strengthen yourself. Review your life. Eliminate what doesn’t serve you to make space for what does. Give yourself permission to absorb the light and be the light.

Increase your personal and spiritual experience during Chanukah by doing acts of kindness, learning Torah, praying, and absorbing the light. Most families completely miss the aspect of absorbing the light by leaving the candles after lighting. In addition to the singing, sit with the candles. Focus on the light. There are tremendous spiritual treasures to be gained just by watching the candles flicker and contemplating the significance of the light.


  • Mediate on the Hebrew word חנוכה

  • Gaze at the candles

Tips for Chanukah

  • Use this time to do Cheshbon Nefesh, accounting of the soul

    • Slow down and reflect on your life

  • Ask yourself where you want to be, if not, how can you get there?

  • Absorb and benefit the light of Chanukah by sitting with the candles

Remember, you draw the amount of light according to the effort you do, this is for everything that you do. This is used to protect you against the Klipot, evil forces. To defeat the evil forces, you need this light.

May you elevate your holiday experience and see the light in the darkness. If you learned something new in this blog post, please consider supporting our mission at Visual Kabbalah by clicking here Chag Chanukah Sameach, Elisheva


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