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Freedom of Choice & The Klipa - A Necessary Evil

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

In the previous blog post on falling into the Klipa, a few have asked - so what is the point of the Klipa? Continue reading to learn the divine design behind the Klipa

As mentioned in the previous blog post, the Klipa is negative energy that drags you down the rabbit hole, creating a buffer between you and the light force of the Creator. The Klipa is the desire to go against the light, toxic behavior, no Simchat Haim depression, hate, and the pull that wants you to do bad things when you know better.

Just as the light of Hashem is channeled through people, the Klipa has the same force. The Klipa works through people’s minds, words, and actions.

The Klipa is not something you can ignore, have to give it something to satisfy it.

A few examples of this is in the following actions

  • Doing HaMotzi, you give it a piece of bread

  • מים אחרונים - the last waters

  • Breaking the glass cup in the wedding

  • 70 oxens to the Goyim on Sukkot

  • Having two hairs in the Tefillin

  • חלקי קרבנות - Parts of the Korbanot are burned for the Klipa

  • Israel gives money and electricity to Hamas and they leave Israel alone

  • Trump failed because he didn’t give to the Klipa

  • Netanyahu is in office for over 20 years because he gives to the Klipa

  • Ben Gurion succeeded in creating the state of Israel because he gave to the Klipa Click here to hear Mark’s shiur on Ben Guirons success

The Klipa energy is the feeling of lack, the need to always take.

It drains you of your light, and can be labeled as an “energy vampire”.

With this awareness, you have the power to stop being an instrument of the Klipa.

Remember, the Klipa is designed for you to have a challenging time getting out of it and an easy time falling into it. So why did Hashem create the Klipa?

Hashem created the Klipa to reward you.

Hashem wants to give you freely, openly, and fully but as Hashem was creating the world, our souls asked Hashem to give us when we deserve to be given. We want to earn what is ours. That is a reward-based system.

You have to overcome the test and when you do, you get the reward.

The Klipa is necessary because it gives you the opportunity to choose, to have free choice and a reward if you overcome it. If one does not conquer the force of the Klipa, he/she is taught a lesson the hard way.

The free choice experience by the Klipa is consciousness in your actions, knowing that you can choose differently. To believe you cannot choose a different action is limiting your growth. The Klipa wan

ts you to think there is only one way, but that is incorrect.

Hashem gave you free choice and free will, to truly practice it, you are put in scenarios that force you to choose.

Some are not aware of these moments and choose the same outcome every time. If you want different results, try something different.

Even when it’s hard, uncomfortable, and unpleasant. All it takes is a moment of discomfort for a lifetime of growth. It is totally worth the try.

Spiritual Tool

Take a moment to reflect on a past or recent event in your life when you reacted out of habit that did not serve your greatest good. Maybe you responded with anger, broke something, spoke badly about someone, and so on.

Learning about the Klipa gives you the conscious awareness of its strength but it is only up to you to stop giving it power.

Ask yourself how you can respond differently. Ask Hashem for the strength to not fall into the Klipa. Ask your soul to speak and give power to the light. Next time, have awareness if the action you are about to take is bringing you closer to the light or pushing you back.

As seen in great Hollywood movies, there is always a good guy and a bad guy.

There always needs to be a balance of both energies, the light and the dark, one could not possibly grow in their spirituality. The Klipa is engineered for you to overcome harmful human tendencies and grow spiritually. Through the Klipa, you have the potential power to heal levels of your soul and ultimately grow closer to Hashem.

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