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Falling down the rabbit-hole: A divine design for growth. Kabbalah's recipe to overcome the Klipa

This blog post introduces one of the most important subjects in Kabbalah. Just by reading and implementing the tools from this article, you can create real change in your life. The topic that is not mentioned in regular Judaism, it is completely ignored. It is an enormous subject that half of the Zohar writes about it.

This important subject is known as falling into the Klipa.

Whether you are a long-time student of Kabbalah or just starting out, this topic is crucial to remember on a daily basis. With the power of Kabbalah, you have the ability to acquaint yourself with this essential subject. Most people will never know the danger of falling into the Klipa, what is, and how to get out of it. Luckily, you made your way here.

When you learn about the Klipa, you reduce the risks of falling into it and elevating your soul in the process.

The Klipa is all the evil in the world. Anything that is evil, is the Klipa. The angel of death, the nachash, Yetz Ha’ara the evil inclination, the desire to go against the light, toxic behavior, no Simchat Haim depression, hate, and the pull that wants you to do bad things when you know better.

The Klipa emerges from your mind. If you are not careful, your thoughts can begin to control you as soon as you open your eyes. With gratitude, one washes his hand and says Netilat Yedayim (נטילת ידיים) to cleanse off the negative energy that accumulated overnight.

As your body sleeps, it is scientifically proven that your body is almost dead. Kabbalah states that the most impure matter is a corpse. Thus, you wash your hands three times, say blessings, and practice gratitude in thanking Hashem for returning your soul back to your body.

This given example shows how the spiritual is reflected in the physical world.

When you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually vulnerable, the Klipa has a very sneaky way of creeping into your mind.

We all have conflicting voices in our heads. They are either the reactive-survival-ego voice, the voice that drains you of energy, or the love-accepting-soul voice, the voice that gives you energy and knows exactly what to do.

When a person falls into the Klipa, he may not be aware of it. It’s divinely designed for you to fall down the rabbit hole, an easy plunge and challenging process to arise from it.

Falling into the Klipa starts in your thoughts because your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions. You are either your most vulnerable in your mind or the most powerful.

Ultimately, the Klipa takes control over your thoughts and that influences your behavior.

The next time you find yourself in the Klipa, connect to higher consciousness to elevate from it. You have the ability to unleash sparks of Hashem and pass your test. You are human with a great ability to overcome your toxic behaviors, imagine how differently your outcome would be if you did so.

How to identify if you fell into the Klipa or notice if someone did:

  1. You or the person becomes an instrument of the Klipa

    1. You act accordingly. You are not smiling, you have no energy for life, you become the opposite of light, you act negatively

  2. Unfriendly voices in your mind

    1. Identifying if your self-talk is positive or negative will help you determine if the voices in your mind are trying to penetrate the goodness in your soul

  3. You have no energy

    1. You or someone you know of is always draining out the energy from other people. You are over-stressing, fueling on drama, gossiping, complaining, sleeping too little or too much, have poor eating habits, and you see only the negative side of things

If you experienced one or more of the examples above, here are a few ways to rise above the Klipa

  1. Do Chessed

    1. This is my personal favorite. Whenever I am in a bad mood or feel low, doing an act of kindness uplifts the heavy energy

    2. You can volunteer, give charity, call someone in your family to tell them you love them, buy someone a present, and much much more. Chessed has no limits, it’s all about spreading light

  2. Prayer

    1. Talk to Hashem in your own language or from a Siddur, ask him to help you. Struggles are meant for you to grow, learn, and connect with Hashem

  3. Move your body

    1. When you move, you release stuck energy that can cause you to tense up and be agitated. Moving your body releases endorphins, natural chemicals that relieve stress and pain

  4. Get perspective

    1. The situation is never as bad as you think. Remember, the Klipa are in your thoughts, therefore, change your mind, change your life

  5. Meditate

    1. Gain power over your mind with meditation and breathing.

    2. The situation is never as bad as you think, detach yourself from your thoughts and channel Hashem’s light

  6. Change your thinking

    1. Recognize negative thought patterns and stop playing into them. Gently change your thinking to a positive outlook knowing your problems have Hashem

  7. Go to the Mikvah

    1. Spiritually cleanse yourself and rebirth to a new beginning

Due to the importance of the subject, the next few blog posts will be about falling into the Klipa with practical tools and practices to help you and your loved ones thrive in a spiritual life.

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